Thanks for stopping by! I'm Matt, the MU broadcast engineer. I've worked in live video production since high school, and might have converted half our house into a green screen studio. #SorryNotSorry

I am available as a freelancer with my own equipment. Submit business inquiries here.*

My goal is to join a small to medium sized firm in need of in-house media production. Recruiters, please see my LinkedIn profile and references!

I also work as a voice actor, speciaizing in audiobooks and cartoon characters. I'm always tinkering with the accoustics of our walk-in-closet-recording-booth.

By and large, I maintain our Amazon Wishlist**. While getting gifts is cool, the main point is to keep track of prices on studio equipment I eventually plan on upgrading. I love talking shop during a live stream, so if you have any questions about becoming a broadcaster yourself, feel free to catch one of our shows, look us up on social media, or send us a note!

Oh by the way! Pauline might create the majority of our merch, but I do occassionally draw random stuff too! Actually, I have a little side project in the form of the "Most Undeadest" webcomic!

*Or email info AT mostuniquest DOT com!
**Affiliate links.